My name is Pam Marshall, and I’m a Golden Gal. How do I know? Because I’ve already celebrated that magical birthday – you know, the one with 50 candles blazing on top.

Actually, I’ve had a few more milestone birthdays since then, but I’m not counting any more nor am I ready to throw in the towel. I bet you aren’t either. You still have energy, experience, perception, passion, ideas, dreams and a little more time than you did when you were getting kids off to school in the morning, playing taxi driver all afternoon and homework helper at night.

As a Golden Gal, I obtained my degree in Business Administration while still working a full-time job. Later when my company acquired a new entity, their restructuring eliminated my position. With many years’ experience in teaching, training, administration and communication, the time had come for me to put all of my background and experience to the test – but this time, not for another company. I was going to start my own business.

Using my time and online resources, I invested in myself to learn the Inbox Empire business model and applied it to GoldenGalsOnly. Networking in the community and capitalizing on established relationships, I’m gathering a panel of contributors to share their expertise and offer their products to help others in similar situations.

I have a wonderful husband, three married children with delightful spouses and ten of the most precious grandchildren you’d ever want to meet. I love spending time with them and making an important difference in their lives. But here’s the thing. I have the time and the inclination to do more. And since I’m a second halfer, I want what I do to combine my passions – my deep desires, talents and experiences with real purpose that glorifies Jesus Christ and counts for eternity.

I do have time, but none to waste. Do you want these things too? Then join with us and experience the benefits of GoldenGalsOnly for yourself.