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GoldenGalsOnly.com’s website and inbox magazine celebrate women who are approaching age 50 or who’ve already traveled some days beyond the golden event. They’ve got energy, education and enthusiasm that say, “We’re not ready to throw in the towel.” Golden Gals want practical tools to make the second half of their lives count by discovering their passion and God’s purpose for them. They crave authenticity.   

Golden Gals realize life is changing …  again!

Do empty nest, aging parents, health changes, retirement and economic challenges resonate with you? Are you informed and prepared emotionally, physically and spiritually to face the second half? GoldenGalsOnly.com (GGO) will become your advocate providing practical, do-able solutions and inspiration that will not only celebrate the past but enhance your experience and talents to tackle your next steps with joy and peace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use a God-centered approach to help Golden Gals maximize their own experience and to offer resources to move them forward with drive and direction while creating a community where millions of like-minded and similarly situated women worldwide can find support and appreciation for their continued growth and achievements.

Your Success

Whether you’re looking in the area of health, wealth or wisdom, you’ll find sensible solutions and a growing community of other like-minded Golden Gals to inspire you with their success.

Join us as we travel together to experience the faithfulness and steadfast love of the Lord and see His mercies new and afresh as you journey to combine your passion and purpose after age 50.




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